Moving - Preparation & Packing

Everyone moves at least once in a lifetime. Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma. With thousands of residence and office relocations we left behind, our experience is great.

Moving - Preparation & Packing


Before loading, we disassemble the furniture such as:

  • Kitchen elements (sink, kitchen fan, base and wall cabinets...)
  • Wardrobes, clothes cabinets
  • Shelves of all types and dimensions
  • Bunk beds, queen and king size beds, L-shaped couches
  • Office furniture

Reassembling, at the new location, is carried out quickly and easily, as per your instructions.


  • We will do the full packing of the household, furniture and appliances, clothes and all your things using high quality cardboard boxes.
  • Everything will be perfectly protected: period furniture or precious things of artistic value are bubble-wrapped and fragile things are paper-wrapped.
  • There will be a list of contents on each of the boxes; in your new flat, things will be arranged easily and quickly.

We will do professional and safe packing for you. Packing is no longer a problem.

Packing materials:
Wardrobe Boxes: Standard (Double wall) Suitable for general packing and storage - Holds up to 32 Hangers with clothes. Half size of standard single wardrobe, but less in height. Wardrobe Boxes
Moving Box Size 1: Double wall means reusable, recommended & suitable for heavier items, fragile items, smaller appliances, books, records, cds, videos, etc. Moving Box Size 1
Moving Box Size 2: Double wall, suitable for general packing and storage - Larger household appliances, electrical items, crockery, toys, linen, clothes, shoes etc. Moving Box Size 2
Document Box With Lid: Storage archive box with Lid, single wall, suitable for documents, files or Ornaments etc. Document Box With Lid
Pet Carrier: Keep pets safe, stress free and out of the way during the move with this handy, easy assemble pet carrier, suitable for all small pets, e.g., rabbits, cats, small dogs etc. Pet Carrier
Book / CD Box: Double wall means reusable. Suitable for general packing and storage. Book / CD Box
Standard Removal Box: Suitable for general packing and storage. Standard Removal Box
Large Removal Box: Larger household appliances, electrical items, crockery, toys, linen, clothes, shoes etc. Large Removal Box
Cling Film: Stretch films Or plastic wraps Ideal for securing irregular shaped loads. A quick, quiet and clear way of wrapping, stabilizing and securing palletized goods. Protects from dust and weather when in storage or transit. Cast film will adhere to itself - and retains it's tension whilst in transit. Gives better grip after applying on slippery items. Cling Film
Bubble Wrap (S): Bubbles usually have diameter of 20mm and a height of 7mm. Ideal for protecting most items against damage including frames and mirrors. Bubble Wrap (S)
Bubble Wrap (L): Made from tough micron polythene. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product; large bubble is particularly good at protecting furniture, larger items and filling voids. Can be cut and resized for smaller items accordingly. Bubble Wrap (L)
Foam: Strong non-abrasive closed cell polythene foam is ideal for protecting delicate items and preventing scratching of polished surfaces. Best for separating dishes and other fragile items when shipping or storing. The packaging store foam is CFC free and as such is environmentally friendly. Foam
Foam Beads: A high impact polystyrene based void filling solution. Use the foam beads to secure valuables, antiques and figurines within moving boxes especially good for export packing and shipping. Foam Beads
Packing Paper: Acid free tissue packing paper, suitable for protecting the more delicate items against damage. Packing Paper
Bed Mattress Covers: Made from thick durable polythene. Because of their size and shape, mattresses often get dirty or damaged during moving; however with protective covers you can keep them looking as good as they were. Protects against dust, dirt and water. Ideal when moving, storing or decorating. Bed Mattress Covers
Sofa Covers: Polythene Sofa covers to protect and keep it as clean as it was whilst moving. Will protect your sofas against moisture and dirt during transit, storage, and while decorating, can be reused. Sofa Covers
Foam Corners Covers: Great to protect edges against damage, cost effective solution to protect your photo frames, picture frames, furniture items being transported or while in storage. Can be cut to size. Foam Corners Covers

Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma!!!
Don't leave your furniture waiting for you...We are in your neighborhood!!!

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