Moving Special Loads

Everyone moves at least once in a lifetime. Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma. With thousands of residence and office relocations we left behind, our experience is great.

Moving - Special Loads
  • Because of your specific needs, and in order to provide you with a full service, we have developed the system of carrying and transporting special loads.
  • Various items of that have artistic value, such as antique objects as well as cars and most sophisticated devices and very heavy things.
  • Depending on the need, we can make nonstandard wooden boxes, that will decrease the risk of damage to its minimum, and thus make sure the transport will be safe and reliable.
  • We have also developed a special system for carrying of heavy cash registers, safes and equipment of up to 1.500 kg, with special staircase equipment which possesses protection for ceramic tiles and marble during transport.

Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma!!!
Don't leave your furniture waiting for you...We are in your neighborhood!!!

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