Moving - Transport

Everyone moves at least once in a lifetime. Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma. With thousands of residence and office relocations we left behind, our experience is great.

Moving - Transport

We provide appropriate and absolutely safe transportation for your belongings.

You should not worry even about big and oversized items; we carry out professional transportation of big cash registers, upright pianos, concert pianos as well as electric furnaces – without disassembling them.

Besides, we offer all kinds of transportation within city limits, as well as city-to-city.

We offer a timely, high-quality service, making sure each client's needs are met and the job completed professionally and to our mutual satisfaction.

All vehicles used for moving are custom adjusted for the purpose, with upholstery in the cargo area, thus providing maximum protection for all your things during the transport.

Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma!!!
Don't leave your furniture waiting for you...We are in your neighborhood!!!

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