Moving services

Everyone moves at least once in a lifetime. Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma. With thousands of residence and office relocations we left behind, our experience is great.

Moving Process

Moving services
  • Our process begins by organizing a visit to your apartment or business premises in order to do our estimate of the subject to be moved, so as to accurately define the number of items to be moved as well as the material necessary for their packing. The estimate of the volume and nature of work is at the same time the basis of compiling the most realistic financial construction and quote for you.
  • We can surely do date adjustments: notify us when and at what time we can organize a visit and suggest a date. If you need us to start the process earlier, feel free to call and set the date along with all other necessary arrangements.
  • If you find our quote acceptable, we will commence with the move preparation.
  • Our services include a full first-class packing service.
  • An efficient and professional team trained for packing, loading and unloading, will prepare your items to be moved, according to the highest standards, so that their condition on reaching the desired destination remains the same.
  • Our company consists of professional, reliable, highly trained stuff with rich experience, capable of providing perfect services and meet all special requirements by our clients and agencies it cooperates with.
  • We are very solvent in running business and you can be sure that the agency for moving and transport Kocic would be your reliable agent throughout Serbia.

Turnkey system

You are in possession of more things than you ever thought you would, and all of them would need boxes to be packed in.

You need a lot of time for packing, then you also need volunteers to carry them?

What about disassembling and reassembling of furniture and appliances: pianos, electric furnaces, piles of books, sofas, as well as paintings, fragile lamps and plants �?all these should be taken down and up narrow staircases, to high floors, with broken elevators, on rainy days and in a total rush. And such a chaos lasts for days.

Starting from detailed and careful packing, over carrying and transportation to a new location, right to full arranging of furniture and appliances according to your wish:

Turnkey system
  • We move throughout the urban and suburban locations, regardless of the floor level.
  • The procedure is the same for companies, enterprises, factories, shops, cafes and restaurants... Disruption of work will last not longer than a few hours, or, we can do the move over the night.
  • Our workers are professionally trained for this job; we guarantee you fast, top-quality, reliable service.

Moving, still, does not have to be a trauma!!!
Don't leave your furniture waiting for you...We are in your neighborhood!!!

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