Leave the transportation to an experienced and reliable company.

If you are in the need of transporting merchandise in the country or abroad, the best you can do is leave the job to an experienced and reliable company. We are proud to inform you that we are among the most successful companies with a long-standing experience in organizing and shipping merchandise on roads throughout Serbia and Europe.

As the quality of transportation services involves, first of all, reliability, responsibility, quality and flexibility, our clients receive special attention primarily to meet the requirements and expectations for the job.

Advantages made available by the agency for moving and transport Kocic are the following:



  • – Experienced stuff
  • – Reliable drivers
  • – Fast and precise information


  • – Own fleet of vehicles
  • – Confirmed associates
  • – Reliable subcontractors
  • – Equipment for special requirements
  • – Service 24/7

Quality & Professionalism

  • – High-quality fleet of trucks with capacities form 1 to 25 t.
  • – Storage space with truck access
  • – Professional workers for loading and unloading
  • – Special machines and equipment for heavy machinery and devices
  • – Various types of forklifts
  • – Skilled employees (up-to-date training)
  • – Selected and tested subcontractors


  • – Optimization of transport routes
  • – High-quality itinerary planning
  • – Best payment terms
  • – The most favorable truck transport (1t, 3t, 5t, 7t, 10t and 25 t)
  • – The most favorable transport of goods routing Nis, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica.
  • – Partial and full loads in Serbia and Europe


For a long many years we have had the pleasure to cooperate with the greatest companies and international organizations involved in transportation and moving services in the country and abroad.

We have a clear management system and concept and we are very solvent, so you can be confident that the agency for moving and transport Kocic is a reliable agent in Serbia.

Ship the goods with as at the same price as it would cost you to do it by your own vehicle (toll and fuel), without driver, amortization and credit installment in a bank paid unnecessarily for a new or a second-hand truck.

Feel free to ask us should you need shipment of your goods, and you would like it to be cheaper than it would cost you if you do it by your own vehicle.

Accuracy, reliability, quality, professionalism, experience.

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